Celebratory Parties

When you think of parties in general, you most likely are thinking of a celebratory party, in part because celebratory parties are the most common type of party out there. For example, at a young age, you always looked forward to birthday parties (either for yourself or for your many friends), which celebrated the host of the party becoming another year older. Or after you’ve graduated high school or college, you had a “grad party” that celebrated those momentous occasions.

Celebratory parties are typically more on the casual end, simply because they typically involve close friends and family rather than acquaintances and people you generally don’t know as well. Because of this, it is important to keep the mood light and friendly. Do not require formal attire, nor should you expect people to be on their best behavior. This is especially true if your family involves young kids who often go crazy at parties, especially when it comes to the cakes and desserts that are typically present.

Make sure that your guest list only includes people that not only you as the host are comfortable with, but that the rest of the guests as a whole are comfortable with as well. Inviting people that don’t fit in with the overall group of people attending the party might make the group more diverse, but it can actually ruin the overall ambiance for everyone if everyone else feels awkward around this one person for whatever reason – even if just due to the unfamiliarity with them in general.

Because these parties are celebratory in nature, it is often customary to give gifts to the host of the party. Depending on your circumstance, you may need to explicitly tell your guests about the gift policy (if any). For example, many times hosts ask their guests to “gift” them money rather than your typical gifts that are wrapped in wrapping paper. If you explicitly want a certain type of gift (or even if you don’t want gifts at all), always make sure to be upfront and tell your guests beforehand – and be sure to tell them well in advance, since a lot of times people buy their gifts as soon as they know about the upcoming party, even if it is months away.

Celebratory parties are great ways to celebrate the numerous special moments and milestones in the lives of those that we love. So stick to these tips and you and your guests will certainly have an amazing time at the next party that you host!