When it comes to bringing the party to life, nothing does the job quite like good music. Having good music to dance to on the dance floor, or even to listen to as you eat and engage in conversation with the people around you, are often overlooked, but ultimately can make an otherwise mediocre party adequate, and an otherwise decent party good, etc.

Depending on your audience as well as the overall theme of the party, the music genre that you use will be greatly varied. More elegant and formal parties would be much better off with classical or light airy music, while more casual parties with closer family and friends can use any music that the entire group would enjoy. At the very least, there should always be some sort of music in the background to add to the ambiance of the party – even if it is as simple as basic elevator music!

Now if you really want to make a splash with your music selection, you can hire a live band. This is obviously the more expensive route, but again, will make your party that much more memorable and classy compared to playing pre-recorded music only. And for those on a budget, keep in mind that you only have to pay the live band for as long as they play. So if your party is four hours long, you can potentially get by with having live music for one or two hours, which is a significant amount of savings compared to paying the live band for the full four hours.

Although the type of live music you select is typically dependent on your audience, we would highly recommend live music that is highly engaging with the audience. In other words, get a live band that will actually be the life of the party while they are on stage, rather than a band that is just playing background music for your guests. Not only is the latter a waste of money, but ultimately it looks off when there is a live band playing in the background rather than front and center to some degree.

Whether you decide on pre-recorded music or a live band for your party, always remember that having music is infinitely better than not having any music at all. Even though your guests may not realize it, listening to music while at your party will subconsciously put them in a better mood, which is definitely what you want if you want to have a great party that all of your guests enjoy!