Surprise Parties

Although surprise parties aren’t very common when it comes to parties in general, they are actually fairly common when it comes to birthday parties. In case you didn’t know, surprise parties are parties in which the guest of honor does not realize that there is a party until his friends and family all surprise him right when the party begins.

Because of the nature of surprise parties, they almost always occur at the home of the guest of honor, or in some cases at their place of work. But when it comes to planning such parties, there are a lot of additional things to keep in mind.

The first thing to consider is to make sure that the guest of honor is away from the eventual party location for long enough for the decorations and all of the other elements to the party are set up. Rather than put that to chance, most people have someone find an excuse to spend a certain amount of time with the guest of honor to keep them out of the house in the meantime. In addition, you need to make sure that the other guests have a way to access the home or office space to set everything up – if the part is to take place in their home, make sure that someone can get you access to the home in their absence before moving forward with any plans.

In addition, it is almost just as important to make sure that the surprise isn’t ruined altogether, since the surprise itself is what makes the party special to begin with. All it takes is one person to ruin it, so it is important to reiterate this to everyone who is in on the surprise party from the get-go. If they really can’t keep a secret, then it may be best to wait as long as possible before telling them about the party, so they have less time to potentially ruin the surprise (And if you are in fact the one who ends up ruining the surprise for the guest of honor, here’s what you should do).

And as one final tip, make sure that you are confident that your guest of honor can handle the surprise. Some people get heart attacks when surprised like that, and some people simply don’t appreciate the surprise as much as the rest of the guests are expecting, which can totally ruin the mood. So make sure you only throw surprise parties with people who will actually enjoy them.

Follow these tips (along with these additional tips) and your next surprise party will leave a lasting, positive impression on everyone involved!